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Tuk Tuks

Great blog on Tuk Tuks and their drivers.

Is This Too Spicy?

Waiting Waiting

Racing Racing

Chilling Chilling

No 4 wheelers No 4 wheelers

Tuk Tuks are as ubiquitous in Sri Lanka as trams are in Melbourne. All colours of the rainbow these three wheel tin-pots are the transportation powerhouse of the country. They deliver the fish, drop the kids at school, sell the bread and carry the mail. There is nothing a Tuk Tuk can’t do and nowhere a Tuk Tuk can’t go.

Ready Ready

Line Line

Parked Parked

The gauntlet The gauntlet

Each Tuk Tuk is customised and personalised by its driver. Everything down to choice of colour, the stickers, flags, ornaments, mirrors and aerials, are a reflection of the man (and rarely woman) behind the wheel (or handle).

Snake Snake

Indian Indian

Fair Price Fair Price

Bajaj Bajaj

Bob Bob

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Fast and Furious Fast and Furious

If you were to create the average Tuk Tuk driver, one person who was based on all the combinations of customisations and behaviors of all Tuk Tuk drivers, he would look…

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Ten things I love AND hate about Sri Lanka

No football here today. My apologies if you ventured on here to find a football recipe today. It’s not going to happen – I’m too sore. Rest assured that I will try to put aside my prejudices in time for the quarter finals. Don’t be expecting any German or Portuguese food yet though. These things take time. Instead I’ll give you ten things that I love AND hate about Sri Lanka (in no particular order and don’t be too alarmed by the fact that the list is identical)

My beautiful tuk tuk

My beautiful tuk tuk


  • Rice and curry (because it is damn tasty)
  • Having the largest amount of public holidays of any other country in the world (go figure)
  • The Indian Ocean (I can stare at it for hours, relax and rejuvenate)
  • Complete strangers smiling at you (cheer you up on a bad day)
  • Wonderful abundance of wildlife (fascinating)
  • Buses available to go pretty much anywhere 24×7 (useful)
  • Coconuts and coconut trees (raw material for almost everything; coir, food (the delicious pol sambol and cocunut milk for curries), oil, toddy and arrack)
  • All day power cuts (perfect excuse to do nothing all day)
  • Many different climates in one country (incredibly interesting and beautiful)
  • Tuk tuks (versatile, quick; not to mention the cool factor)


  • Rice and curry (because sometimes you just fancy a pizza for lunch/dinner)
  • Having the largest amount of public holidays of any other country in the world (very annoying when you have foreign deadlines and you’re working when the rest of the country isn’t)
  • The Indian Ocean (tsunami 2004 – not a good moment and still freaks me out occasionally when the ocean is rough)
  • Complete strangers smiling at you (hugely irritating when trying to go about your business quietly and anonymously)
  • Wonderful abundance of wildlife (one word – BUGS)
  • Buses available to go pretty much anywhere 24×7 (noisy and smelly, some with exhausts capable of knocking you out for a few hours)
  • Coconuts and coconut trees (dangerous to pedestrians, kills quite a number of people annually)
  • All day power cuts (see foreign deadlines above plus the fact that your freezer defrosts and you have to throw out your food, not to mention being bloody hot)
  • Many different climates in one country (always having to travel with an umbrella and jacket in the Hill Country)
  • Tuk tuks (can be dangerous and smelly in Colombo too…I’ve travelled in some where I was actually surprised my foot didn’t go through the rusty floor). This is getting better now in the capital with some metered cabs but still dodgy.

Saying all that I do love the place and the people, otherwise I wouldn’t be here 🙂


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