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BLT – the best thing since……

In honour of today being the 250th birthday of the sandwich I will give you a quick recipe for my favourite (well one of my favorites that doesn’t involve cheese). The BLT – Bacon, lettuce and tomato. This is my simple version – simple is good and it’s tasty.

Ingredients for two people (one sandwich per person):

  • One pack of smoked back bacon (available in Sri Lanka too 🙂 )
  • Bread (preferably fresh from the bakery and still warm…if it’s older toasted works well too, sliced)
  • 2 or 3 plum tomatoes
  • Lettuce (go for gem or iceberg lettuce if you like it crunchy, in Sri Lanka – pick the inner leaves of lettuce)
  • MAYONNAISE (I say go for your favourite, mine is Hellmans….if it’s not available try making your own. I will blog a recipe soon)
  • GOOD quality butter (yes on top of the mayo – it’s all about taste here, not diets)
  • Some good quality vegetable oil or butter to fry (just a bit – good bacon gives off plenty of it’s own fat)
  • Salt and pepper.


Heat your preferred oil or butter in a large frying pan until the oil is simmering or the butter is foaming, add the bacon. Fry until slightly browned and turn.

In the meantime (or before if you’re no good at multi-tasking 😉 ) – slice the tomatoes and chop the lettuce very finely.  For each person butter one slice of bread  and keep it on a plate, spread the other slice with mayonnaise (so you now have two slices facing upwards per person, one buttered, one mayo’ed). Get back to your bacon.

Now here is where it all depends on personal preference…I like mine crispy…if you don’t then take it of the heat when it looks done. If you’re like me and like it crispy I recommend another two turns in the pan…pressing down all the fatty rind bits (take care not to get the fat spitting on you). When you’re happy place the bacon on the buttered piece of bread (so the butter melts yummy), put a pinch of pepper on if you dare, throw on the lettuce leaves and then layer the tomato on top with a sprinkle of salt and more pepper (if you like a kick like me)…..finally put the mayo’ed slice of on top and enjoy.

Don’t hold back with this recipe – it’s not for the dieters amongst us….I sometimes dribble the fat from from the pan into the sandwich for extra measure…bliss. I’ll put my own photo up soon..but here is a taster (I borrowed this one off the web)….


Happy Birthday Sandwich!!

I just have to share this article on the BBC news today with you today….have sandwiches really only been in existence for 250 years? Invented by the Earl of Sandwich because he couldn’t be bothered to leave his game of cards for his normal formal meal??


Perhaps only in the upper classes at that time…

Croque Monsieur...dribbling yet?
Croque Monsieur…dribbling yet?

I’m finding this hard to believe because bread has been around forever….I’m intrigued and will do more research on this 😉

[found these links today (14th May 2012): http://www.loveurban.com/blog/urbanbeach/?tag=great-british-sandwich

http://www.lovesarnies.com/yum/ ]


One of my favourite things in the world is the sandwich, brown or white bread, fresh bread or toasted, buns, baguettes, ciabatta, pitta – can a hamburger be classed as a sandwich?? Your thoughts are welcome….meanwhile my thoughts are wandering….roast beef and English mustard (or horseradish), creamy not-quite hardboiled egg mayo with fresh mustard cress, light and refreshing cucumber, turkey and tangy cranberry, the classic BLT, roast chicken with mayo and rocket, a croque monsieur (or madame), tuna salad, prawn mayonnaise with iceberg lettuce, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, mature cheddar (or gouda) cheese with cherry tomatoes or onion chutney, chilli chicken with roast peppers, crisp little gem lettuce and the slighest hint of lime, falafel with garlic sauce on toasted pitta or something more exotic….ok….you get the point!

What’s your favourite?