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Freelancing and mental health

Except for the bit about children, I can very much relate to this.


Note: I agonised over whether I should share this post at all, especially on my work blog – but I decided it is better to talk about these things. I also stressed over what to call it, but decided anything else would be a euphemism.   

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. I haven’t done it before partly because I didn’t dare to admit weakness, and partly because I felt too inert to actually crank out the words.

For those who know me, online or in real life, that part about inertia might seem unlikely, I know. I run an editorial business. I mentor other editors. I have two children, and do my fair share of looking after them. I write short stories and novels in my spare time. I’m studying part-time for an MA. I blog. Sometimes I manage to vacuum the stairs…

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Freelancers’ Guide to Balancing Work and Life

Just found this great article so thought I would share it with you 🙂


It’s straight-forward simple stuff, yet how much of is often ignored by us when we have deadlines looming?

Let me know your stories!

Freelancers’ Guide to Balancing Work and Life
Freelancers’ Guide to Balancing Work and Life