Sri Lankan Men (Or In My Case Beach Boys)

I have been in love with three Sri Lankan men. I am still friends with all. But there is a seriously sad and pathetic undertone to how these guys live. I can see it clearer when I am home, in Haarlem. The constant demanding of money is tiring. Not from the first I must add… he is now settled in Europe and I am happy for him. And he is working.

But as much as I care for my ex-husband, he does nothing. Drives around on a bike I paid for, gets drunk on arrack I paid for. Just a waste of space. But he has a heart, when it suits him.

I do not know these guys btw. But jest an example.

I do not know these guys btw. But just an example.

Third is a complete nightmare. And I still care, because that is how I float my boat.

What made these the guys so manipulative? So lacking in empathy and kindness? Lack of education maybe? Over protective mothers? Stupid tourists telling them they are wonderful when they are the exact opposite? I am probably to blame too. Falling in love seems to be a sin in Sri Lanka.

I am a sinner.



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