Why hatred, why negativity?

This post is in response to a photo I saw today. One that has gone viral, one of a little girl putting her hands up to a journo with a DSLR. She thought it was a weapon. A Syrian girl. The BBC is calling this “the photo that broke the internet’s heart” What a load of codswallop. It breaks peoples hearts. YES. It does. LOOK LOOK at this girls eyes and then ask yourself why you as a good person can’t get together with other billions of good people on this planet and do something about this.

"The photo that broke the Internets heart"
“The photo that broke the Internet’s heart”

Anyway I blog about my life – this photo has affected me. If you don’t like it don’t read it. It has also highlighted some issues of life here in wonderful Sri Lanka. “Real issues”:

There maybe issues in lots of countries…I have friends globally from the UK, Germany, Russia (yep even those buggers) to Nigeria to Fiji (and obviously Holland). Most complain. Nowhere is perfect. Holland may seem idyllic – oh except for the fact that Pim Fortuyn was assassinated during the 2002 Dutch national election campaign for being a racist asshole basically. And good riddance. At least we have a cute Royal family. And orange rocks and cheese and heaps more.

Sri Lanka is of course paradise, only it had a bloody 30 year civil war, with possible war crimes still pending – one will see. And while one waits the presidents brother dies in an axe attack. A local politician was shot in my home town days ago.

People are nervous, I am. Not just for my beautiful life here but for the world at large.


2 thoughts on “Why hatred, why negativity?”

  1. Sri Lankan electorate did a really dumb mistake when they ousted President Mahinda Rajapaksha in January. Who crushed the LTTE troublemakers and brought peace and stability to the whole of Sri Lanka. People over in Sri Lanka have short memories. Maybe having the really good life in the last six years. Forgot what it was like before. I was in SL in December. January and they just blamed the sitting president fueled by the media for everything that was wrong. I honestly was shocked when he lost. I couldn;t believe it. I fear Sri Lanka won’t be the wonderful place it was for the last six years, from now on. It doesn’t take much to destabilise Sri Lanka as Sri Lankans can be a hot headed volatile lot. Having lived there myself as a kid during the most troubled times. I wish I could have lived in SL in the last six years though. It must have been a wonderful to live in. Now thats all changed with Sri Lankans making foolish mistake in January 2015. The current landscape is very bad for Sri lanka now going forward. Sri Lankans did it to themselves when they changed the government in January. Paradise lost? No,No,No Paradise must be regained!

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