Video: Patrik Carrera | Muui at Funky de Bar – Hikkaduwa

This video was released yesterday (11th of September, 2014 – actual party was August 2013) by my friends at . I’m giving this a really big like and have decided to share this….

  1. Because it’s really good and produced well
  2. Because Funky de Bar is awesome – it’s not just a bar, it’s also a great place on the beach during the day with a surf school and a good restaurant. The staff are lovely…I have known most of them for around 10 years 🙂 . This year also saw the addition of a Funky de Bar in Arugam Bay on the East Coast, which I have yet to visit – it’s on my list for next year!
  3. Because the tunes in it are pretty funky
  4. Because Hikkaduwa is fantastic and it is my home
  5. Because it’s Friday………..
  6. Oh yeah…because I’m in it




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3 responses to “Video: Patrik Carrera | Muui at Funky de Bar – Hikkaduwa

  1. Hey Ankie… you look great in the video 🙂 nice! and thanx for the support!

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