Tuk Tuks

Great blog on Tuk Tuks and their drivers.

Is This Too Spicy?

Waiting Waiting

Racing Racing

Chilling Chilling

No 4 wheelers No 4 wheelers

Tuk Tuks are as ubiquitous in Sri Lanka as trams are in Melbourne. All colours of the rainbow these three wheel tin-pots are the transportation powerhouse of the country. They deliver the fish, drop the kids at school, sell the bread and carry the mail. There is nothing a Tuk Tuk can’t do and nowhere a Tuk Tuk can’t go.

Ready Ready

Line Line

Parked Parked

The gauntlet The gauntlet

Each Tuk Tuk is customised and personalised by its driver. Everything down to choice of colour, the stickers, flags, ornaments, mirrors and aerials, are a reflection of the man (and rarely woman) behind the wheel (or handle).

Snake Snake

Indian Indian

Fair Price Fair Price

Bajaj Bajaj

Bob Bob

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Fast and Furious Fast and Furious

If you were to create the average Tuk Tuk driver, one person who was based on all the combinations of customisations and behaviors of all Tuk Tuk drivers, he would look…

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