Losing your Temper in Another Country

…..is never clever or productive.

TRUST ME – just been there.

I love Sri Lanka with the entirety of my heart, however sometimes things happen which wind me up beyond belief….and I’m a pretty chilled out person. Anybody can lose their temper. For me it takes a while but I’m a Taurus and when I lose it eventually it’s not pretty and can lead to crazy behaviour and violence (don’t be too worried – this is usually an arrack in your face (without glass) – unless you wave a red flag at me). In this case it was a tree cutter next door who cut through my rain drain around the roof (why he was even that close I do not want to know). I shouted, he shrugged. This made me more mad.

It’s over now so please don’t close the blog….just wanted to share the following…

Anger can be productive actually (just contradicted my first line but bugger off I’m on a roll)…it makes me write much better, think clearer and figure out where you want to be and what you want to do. Get rid of the anger inside, which may have been rotting for years. Against your parents (this is gladly not relevant in my case any more – we’ve made up – love them…..it took time but was worth it), old friends who let you down, others who did, just bad experiences, robberies, rape, domestic violence – the list is not endless but karma is. So I fully believe in what comes around goes around. Over the years I have relaxed considerably thanks to my experiences and views of others in worse places than myself.

So why do I still occasionally lose my temper – because I can. I am intelligent, not hugely ugly and I can probably win an argument 90% of the time. This means I am pretty cool, if not exceptional. End of rant.


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