My Country – Holland AKA The Netherlands and BRESKENS

I actually think Holland is one of the coolest countries in the world, yeah I may be biased, I was born there. I am a full-blood 100% Nederlander, only I’m not in spirit but that’s another story.

This post is all about Holland and my Mums village. Why? Because I’m here and I’m inspired. It is the country where I was born, where I learnt my culture and how to live in the first years of my life (to put it simply). I’m here in the beginnings of the summer and it’s lovely in the small fishing village where my mother lives, Breskens.

Breskens is a small fishing village in the deep south west of Holland only accessible by undersea tunnel or boat from mainland Holland, unless you want to drive through Belgium…..confusing? HA, yes it is. Trust me to come from a place like this. Inaccessible – says it all really 😉

Joking aside this part of the world is extremely beautiful, if you like your land flat, as in it’s so damn flat half of it is below sea-level. Yet this gives way to the most stunning landscapes, during winter and summer, spring and autumn alike. Villages with stunning churches are dotted generously amongst the farms, acres and acres of farm land, yielding everything from potatoes, onions, leeks, cabbage, lettuce to orchards of apples and pears and more.

It's flat but magical

It’s flat but magical

Tulips take my breath away

Tulips take my breath away

These villages celebrate their history in yearly festivals (ok it’s a drinking thing but there is a reason, like a harvest timing etc.). My village, Breskens has a yearly “Fish festival” because we are situated on the coast near the North Sea. It’s a raucerous event for most local adults but the kids and tourists always have a great time too. There is a huge funfair (where you will end up stinking of candyfloss and beer even if you have had neither), lots of street markets (with vendors from all over the world, mostly selling crap from all over the world that you don’t need but buy anyway), a local boot sale in all the residential streets (more gossip than sales 😉 and then the ultimate – I’ll give  you  2 Heinekens for that old vase – deal? Deal!), famous Dutch singers turn up in this tiny village to sing their famous tunes in the Market Square, there is free fish everywhere, there are free boat trips, swimming competitions but most of all there is happiness and lots and lots of beer…..

Some images from Breskens (don’t worry you foodies, recipes are following soon!):

Breskens Lighthouse

Breskens Lighthouse

Breskens beach in the winter time

Breskens beach in the winter time

Breskens beach in the summer time

Breskens beach in the summer time (I will get a better pic soon!)

It’s not tropical, it has no surf, it’s a quiet tourist town but hey it has a hell of a beach and some of the best seafood in the world (even in winter). I will miss it when I go home just like I am missing my home in Sri Lanka now. 🙂



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5 responses to “My Country – Holland AKA The Netherlands and BRESKENS

  1. jessica

    Mooi Ank!

  2. jo renique

    Find yourself lucky with two places called homes!
    Enjoy your time.

  3. lucky, you have 2 lovely home!

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