Great blog post on GTT (Google Translator Toolkit) for fellow translators and for other non-translator readers… SEE we do do more than sticking our noses in dictionaries every day!

In fact only today I spent 1 hour researching how to spell a particular Dutch verb in the past tense because there are 2 ways. Who said translation was dull 😉

Squirrel Translations

What is GTT? Actually, it is just the acronym of Google Translator Toolkit, a feature of Google that is especially designed to help you translate texts and that is actually VERY different from our old friend (or enemy?!?) Google Translate. Of course I do not want to advertise Google products and denigrate other softwares, but I think that GTT is an easy way to give you a brief insight into the world of CAT tool (Computer Aided Translation) and how they work.

All you need to do is signing in with a Gmail account and then you can have fun! I find the interface very interesting because it is actually quite similar to those of the most used translation softwares such as SDL Trados and Atril DéjàVu. You have the source text – the text you have to translate – in a column on the left, whereas the target text…

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